About Skye Designs


Based in Los Angeles, CA, SKYE designs masters in the art of creating chic dresses. SKYE envisions being there for that special moment in your life. When you’re wearing our designs, you show off your inner spark. No matter what the occasion may be, SKYE wants to show the world the above all else, you are beautiful.

Not only does SKYE want you to have that picture-perfect moment but the overall experience with how you feel on the inside and outside is what makes our success. Women empowering each other with their personal experiences on a special day wearing a beautiful design.

SKYE doesn’t just tell a stylish and personal story of you. Determination of lending a helping hand to all girls and women around the world show off their story is another reason SKYE designs was created. For over 20 years, SKYE founders have helped women shape their lives by establishing an active girl’s education and women empowerment foundation. Women around the world need a support system to encourage them to let out their inner sparkle and with the help of our customers, SKYE Designs is devoted to this cause.