SKYE Designs goes beyond a design of a dress. SKYE’s social responsibilities are striving to create lives to be lived to the fullest without hardships - around the world there is always someone who needs help but doesn’t know where to find it. For over 20 years, SKYE founders accomplished many great things in supporting girls’ education and providing funds to women to build their own business in places where it seemed like it was only a mere dream.

There are girls and women around the world who do not have access to things they need to fulfill a normal lifestyle. Whether it be financial, physical, or mental needs, SKYE founders support women who need a helping hand in accomplishing their goals. It’s a step towards reducing the rate of poverty and letting these girls and women feel empowered for the first time.

We at Skye are proud to be a part of this huge social association that is now a worldwide family. A smile on someone’s face goes a long way in life!


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